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Dear nettleton.mcs

Only $39.95!

What They Say!

"Thank You SOOO Much For Your PCA Program! 3 Months Ago I was driving a 85 Ford Escort Now I am driving a 2001 Corvette! You guys are the best!"
-Doug.G, NY

"Last year I lost it wife left me, my friends snickered, and my relatives gave me useless advice! If it wasn't for your email showing me how to re-establish the credit I once had I don't know where I'd be today! Thank You!"
-Paul.C, Oklahoma

To Order By Mail Or Fax Please Fill Out The Order Form Below And Follow The Instructions!

Your guaranteed way to quickly have excellent credit!

How does it work?The United States Government has passed many laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all to protect your rights as a consumer. Our Lawyers know how to use these Laws to your advantage in order to help you get an excellent credit rating. When you join the Proven Credit Advantage Program we will put you through our 4-step program to get you excellent credit.

Step 1 - We will assist you in getting copies of your current credit files from the three Credit Bureaus: TRW, Trans Union and Equifax. This will tell us exactly what is damaging you credit.

Step 2 - We will then assist you in using every legal method possible to permanently erase the negative information from all three of your credit files. We have proven to be so successful that this step is guaranteed to erase Late Pays, Charge Offs, Liens, Judgments, Repossessions, Garnishments, Collections, Bankruptcies, Student Loans, Foreclosures, Inquiries and anything else that is damaging your credit rating. You will not be required to pay the accounts off before they are removed. If you have heard this can't be done, you must understand that the laws actually require negative information to be removed from your credit files if you do it correctly.

Step 3 - While the negative information is being removed from your credit file we will assist you in adding positive information to your credit file. This is an unknown way of adding real accounts to your credit files to have an A-1 Credit Rating in less than 60 days. As you know, the more positive information on your credit files the more money banks will lend you. Many of our clients have credit lines of over $100,000 because of our Proven Credit Advantage Program!

Step 4 - When we are finished you will receive new copies of your credit files showing that you have excellent credit. This will take less than 60 days. You will now be able to qualify for credit as long as you have a source of income.

Order Today and Receive:A Free list of all of the best banks in the United States that offer easy qualifying for Personal Loans, Business Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans and Home Loans.

What will I receive as a member?When you join the Proven Credit Advantage Program, we will send you a membership package of simple paperwork you will need to fill out and easy instructions to follow. We can help you get excellent credit but you must be involved in order for this program to be guaranteed to work.

How will this help me?You simply follow the instructions, and fill out the forms provided. After being in our program we guarantee you will qualify for Personal Loans, Business Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Home Loans and any other credit you apply for. All you will need is a job to show the bank that you can afford to pay them. In less than 60 days you could actually be driving a brand new car and be able to borrow money at the lowest interest rates!

Now is the time to take action!Many of our customers tell us their membership in the Proven Credit Advantage Program is worth thousands of dollars to them! Because of the high volume of orders we receive, for a limited time we are offering the entire Proven Credit Advantage Program for the Lowest price ever!

The regular price is $239.95. For 14 days we will hold a reservation in your name so that you can join the Proven Credit Advantage Program for only $39.95!! YOU SAVE $210.00!! This is a one-time charge for a membership in the Proven Advantage Program. You will not be required to pay any additional fees to us or anyone else.

Is this guaranteed to work for me?You owe it to yourself to get the advantage you deserve!Your choice is very simple. You can live with bad credit for up to 10 years or let us help you get A-1 Credit. Since your credit will not get better on its own, the time to take action is now. There is no reason to live with the pain of bad credit when we can help you get A-1 Credit. Having excellent credit will change your life for the better, so join the Proven Credit Advantage Program now and be on your way to A-1 Credit today!


$$$$ Our Proven Credit Advantage Program unconditionally guarantees you will qualify for personal loans, business loans, credit cards, auto loans, home loans and any other credit you apply for!If you are not able to qualify for credit after using our program, simply return your Proven Credit Advantage Program along with your denial letter and your $39.95 investment will be refunded DOUBLE! That's a $79.90 refund if this doesn't work like we said!We make this guarantee to you because the Proven Credit Advantage Program has already helped over 60,000 people just like you. We KNOW it works - all you need to do is sign up TODAY! We truly look forward to making you another SATISFIED CLIENT!!



Please Check All That Apply And Print This Email.

For Check by FAX orders: Attach a completed and signed check to this PRINTED EMAIL. Simply paste check here and FAX it to: (310)896-6560 

For Credit Card By Fax Orders: Print This Email And Fill Out The Form Below. Make Sure To Sign Your Signature in The Signature Area! FAX TO: (310)896-6560 


1. Please Make Check Or Money Order Payable To American Financial Services, Inc. OR Fill In Your Credit Card Number & Expiration Date Down Below.

2. Print This Email And Fill Out Below Form

3. Mail It To:

American Financial Services, Inc.
311 N. Robertson Blvd.
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Please Make Checks and Money Orders Payable To: American Financial Services Network

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