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[Nettime-bold] Global Public: Al Jazeera representative at transmediale.02

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 international media art festival + + + Feb. 5-10th, 2002


 Global Public The New World Order of Broadcasting

 Thursday, 7.2., 20.30 hrs
 Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
 in cooperation with Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Next Thursday, Ibrahim M. Helal, Chief Editor of the Arabic broadcaster Al
Jazeera from Qatar, will be participating in a conference about the 'New
World Order of Broadcasting' at Berlin's House of World Cultures. Together
with Günter Knabe, Head of the Asia Department of Deutsche Welle, and Han
Soete, Speaker of Indymedia Belgium, Helal will be discussing globalisation
and digitaisation in the media. The conference - a cooperation of
transmediale and Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - will be moderated
by Claudia Henne of SFB Radio and will deal with the emergence of a 'Global
Public' and the cultural effects of accelerated, satellite- and
internet-supported reporting.

Globalisation is not merely an economic and political phenomenon. It is
also taking place to a substantial degree in the media which increasingly
enable a connected audience worldwide to take part live in global events.
Estimates say that on September 11, 2001, more than 1 Billion spectators
watched the live-broadcast images of the attack against the World Trade
Center in New York.

The conditions for global media reportage have changed fundamentally over
the past years. The co-existence of satellite, internet, and terrestrial
broadcasting channels has led to the disappearance of the boundaries
between global concerns such as CNN or the BBC, regional stations such as
the Arabic network Al Jazeera, or the media activist network Indymedia. Al
Jazeera is characterized by a, by Arabian standards, unusually
straightforward coverage and creates a new cohesion within the
international Arabic diaspora, among exiles as well as working migrants.

News broadcasting and reporting reach their limits when their contents can
no longer be communicated with a clear and singular meaning - which
connotation does a video-tape of Osama Bin Laden have in Kabul, in Gaza, in
Washington, in Berlin? How to procure globally significant contents when
images accelerated faster than their comprehension? Should we expect a
global homogenisation of the media, or a multiplication of channels, each
with a specific cultural background which can only be understood by the
respective audiences? Representatives of different media discuss the 'new
world order' of broadcasting.

Participants - Global Public The New World Order of Broadcasting

Ibrahim M. Helal, Chief Editor, Al Jazeera/Qatar
Günter Knabe, Deutsche Welle, Asia Department/Germany
Han Soete,

Moderation Claudia Henne, SFB Radio Kultur/Germany

with simultaneous translation

Tickets EUR 10 / 7 (Reservation 0049-30-3978 7175)

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