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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> The Fading Altruism of Open Source Development

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 10:38:52PM +0100, oliver frommel wrote:

> when you look at a lot of recent projects like e.g. JBOSS (
> that use "industry standards" like the j2ee (java2 enterprise edition) it
> is clearly not the fun that is the primary motivation for the free
> software programmers in this field.

Well, look at the Jakarta Tomcat servlet engine, which is *the* standard
servlet engine, not just *a* standard servlet engine. Tomcat is the
"reference implementation" of the Servlet specification of Sun
Microsystems' J2EE standard.

And IBM gave away a big chunk of it's IDE code to the Eclipse project; the
idea is an open source development environment that is modular and can
be extended with both proprietry _and_ open source solutions. Also part of
IBM's Websphere use the Jakarta ANT product in it, as well as the fact
that their webserver technology is based on Apache. IBM, and lots of other
big IT corporates like Oracle, have embraced both Java (ultimately owned
by their competitor, Sun Microsystems, although now opened to a 'community
process'), and indeed, Linux and Open Source.

The open source paradigm has been well embraced by many large IT
corporations. Jakarta project products are found in widespread use
throughout corporate development.


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