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[Nettime-bold] NEW ISSUE; NEW WORKS; NEW NEWS-- april/may 2001 issue


Wigged.net (http://www.wigged.net) is a digital magazine focused on 
bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works 
over the Internet.  Our mission is to be a showcase, distribution and 
promotion center for media artists via the World Wide Web. Wigged.net 
is for audiences seeking innovative alternatives to traditional forms 
of entertainment.


Check out featured artists in the new issue of Wigged.net:

Stanza's The Central City.
Central City is a visual collage reflecting on the themes within our 
urban consciousness.  Forms are related to cellular structures of 
nature.  This is contrasted with man made structures, as well as 
patterns and forms of urban design. The project is about the 
relationship to the audiovisual world of the city and its structure. 
2001. England.

Albena Mihaylova's Diverse Time.
Mihaylova states, "Between July 1996 and January 1997, I traveled 
passing through southeast Bulgaria and Switzerland. I made video 
records of familiar and foreign places. Juxtaposing this journey 
material, I present different horizontal and vertical points to show 
different planes of human relationships without direct human 
presence.  1997. Switzerland.

Francesca N. Penzani's Monte Cavlera.
A feather, a bench, some characters.  Time passing by...observing the 
moment, holding onto it, re-living it, and freezing it.  A wish for 
the power to change the law of gravity and impermanence.  The camera 
becomes a mirror into which the characters gaze, in hope of 
controlling the events that unfold around them.  Dedicated to my 
father. 2000. United States.

Xtine Burrough's movingtexts.
Movingtexts.net is a site strictly dedicated to concrete poetry.  On 
the site, the words included in each poem are given multiple meanings 
as they morph from one to another.  Meanwhile, the weight of the 
groupings of words is distributed through this motion.  2000. United 

Elise Kermani's mem.
Mem is an excerpt from The HESTIA Project, a multimedia poem 
exploring the relationship between the origins of the alphabet and 
the greek goddess Hestia. Mem  is a meditation on the origins of the 
letter "M" or "mem:  meaning "water" in the Phonecian language. 
Hestia is the goddess of fire and the opposite element to water.  In 
this poem, I play with the sound of the English word "water" as it 
sounds very much like father, vater and wasser (in German) and then I 
move on to the words mater, matter, muter, mutter, mother.  The 
actual letter "M" morphs out of the patterns of the water, as if 
Hestia is performing a miracle of creating water where there was none 
before. 2001. United States.

Gary Lee Nelson & Christine Gorbach's Hierarchy.
The title and impetus for this piece come from Gorbach's "Hierarchy," 
a matrix of sixteen small paintings selected and cut from a much 
larger canvas.  Gorbach added a short poem with verbal images 
suggested by the paintings and by the processes she used to make 
them.    Gorbach's reading of her poem along with digital copies of 
her paintings provide the source material for Nelson's music. 
Gorbach joins her printed words with her paintings to shape the 
moving images. 2000. United States.

John Villec's Dialectics (mondrian).
The logic and narrative arc of Dialectics organically grew through 
extensive discussions, and viewing of Mondrians' work with 
collaborator Charles Aitken. The sound program is an electronic 
transformation of a small number of acoustic sound events. Both sound 
and visual elements are put into motion by using contemporary 
computer processes and the aesthetic tradition of Musique Concrete. 
1999. United States.

Miklos Legrady's artcrimes.
A hip-hop landscape, a comic-book depiction of art, life and the net. 
Project 1 leads to papers, which analyze the art world, its powers, 
weaknesses, structure, patronage, networking, and the behavior, 
expected of artists in contemporary society.  These papers are also 
virtually presented as monumental paintings on gallery walls. 
Project 2 leads to a series of posters made at the Collective 
Unconscious in N.Y. in 1995.  The posters were placed on walls and 
lampposts near museums and galleries in SOHO. 2000. Canada.


Check out Peter Schmidegs's interview with Tina LaPorta

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