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[Nettime-bold] new news - arrest 2

No, he's not under arrest yet, but it's in progress and it's likely to
be done before the dawn at the local time.
The question is only whether it will end peacefully or not. The
residence of Milosevic family is all surrounded by strong police forces,
who used shock bombs in their first unsuccessful attempt to break in.
Then somebody from the residence yard shot at the police, and two
policemen were injured.
There are a hundred or two of Milosevic hardcore supporters in front of
each of the two residence gates. It seems that somebody tried to
persuade Milosevic earlier this evening to surrender in peace, but he
refused. It was probably the beginning of the operation, around midnight
or a little bit earlier. The next attempt of arrest was done around 3
a.m. local time (GMT+1), and it was this one with shooting from the
inside. Then the police pushed Milosevic supporters away from the gates,
in order to make place for Black Maria with a free seat for Milosevic.
The journalists gathered there believe that the final decisive attempt
will be done very soon. It seems that some negotiations are going on,
but with uncertain result. Anyway, everybody believes that Milosevic
will be under arrest very soon, speaking in terms of minutes or an hour
or two.
But it seems that he is surrounded in his residence with some kind of
personal Pretorian guard, who seem to be armed and ready for everything.
Is Hitler and Eva screenplay just about to repeat, or it will be some
kind of Romanian scenario, or Milosevic will surrender?
And who are the people who stayed with him until the end?
Man, what a spectacle all this arrest! I'm sure that Christiane Amanpour
has some great time right now. But me, I think I will go to sleep. When
I wake up, he will be in prison or not yet.

Aleksandar Gubas from Belgrade

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