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                    With opportunities come challenges.

                    By Scott McNealy

                    Think about all the wireless phones, pagers, and palm-sized devices out there. Think about all the TVs, stereos, microwaves,
                    refrigerators, and thermostats in our homes and offices. And don't forget about the millions of cars built every year. 

                    Plug all those things into the service grid known as the Internet and you begin to see the size of the opportunity -- and the scope of the challenge. 

                    For IT managers and service providers, the big questions are: How do I handle the millions of new users, the billions of new devices, and the terabytes of
                    new data? How do I stay on top of the complexity and keep everything up and running? 

                    The answer is to fight fire with fire. In this case, Sun Fire[tm] servers. 

                    There's a certain irony in fighting complexity with complex systems, but we're packing these new servers with features that make them more reliable and easier to

                    What we're introducing, in fact, is a series of "midframe" computers -- midrange servers with mainframe-style capabilities and other enhancements. 

                    So, if you want to boost availability with redundant interconnects, redundant clock signals, redundant power supplies, and redundant system controlers -- and you
                    want all that at a midrange price point -- the answer is simple: Come to Sun. 

                    With our award-winning new UltraSPARC[tm] III microprocessors, the enhanced Solaris[tm] 8 Operating Environment, and innovations such as the Sun[tm]
                    Fireplane interconnect, we've added performance, scalability, and a new level of resilence to these midframe systems. 

                    But we know that the one thing you don't want us to add is complexity. So our new midframes are fully compatible with our entire product family, top to bottom, and
                    they run the applications you're running now, with no need to recompile. In short, you get the kind of investment protection you always wanted. 

                    At Sun, we strive to keep things simple. Through the years, we've focused on one microprocessor architecture, one operating environment -- one binary-compatible
                    line of systems and software to make running your data center that much easier. 

                    While some companies change directions more often than I change the oil in my car, you can count on Sun to keep delivering on a clear, consistent vision. 

                    When we introduced our first computers in 1982, the concept of fully networked, high-performance workstations and servers was not well understood or widely
                    appreciated. Today we're connecting all kinds of devices -- smart cards, mobile phones, handheld computers, desktop systems, in-store kiosks, and even home
                    appliances -- so that anyone, anywhere, anytime can tap into the Net. 

                    Everything we do, everything we've always done, is about open network computing; we just keep taking it to the next level. 

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