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[Nettime-bold] two such maps

:::freecode::: sub[jugative]scribers would have rather received this 
email probably 3 times 4 in the last couple of ways.

True to the extensive cross postings, syndicate, nettime and rhizome
also would have received multiple copies.

this sort of banning is getting pretty boring, and the perpetrators
have been unsubscribbled from this list.

There has been much discussion about abuse of artists, and people
should be very careful about why and how they australian and
doesn't make sense.

let's play a game....

If the address you wish to remove from the list is different from
the address from which you are sending the message, the command
may be written instead as:

     unsubscribe LISTNAME EmailAddress

replacing "LISTNAME" with the name of the list and replacing
"EmailAddress" with the address you want to remove from the list

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