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Title - trashconnection (
Title - trashconnection (
Title - trashconnection (
Artist - Roman Minaev
Status - This is a linked project
Original URL -
Date Created - 7.10.2000
Date Archived - 7.10.2000
Technology Used - RealPlayer, JavaScript, HTML, Email, DHTML

Roman Minaev Soerensenstr. 26 24143 Kiel Germany 27th October 1970 born in St.
Petersburg/Russia 1994-2000 Muthesius Academy of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, department of printmaking,
Kiel/Germany 1996-1998 Christian-Albrechts University, department of sinology, Kiel/Germany 1998-1999 The National
Academy of Fine Arts, department of chinese calligraphy, Hangzhou/China Since 2000 Net-art lectureship at the Muthesius
Academy of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, Kiel/Germany 

The original idea of the trashconnection is the definition of trash online. Everybody, who is just surfing around the net, has to
confront with always appearing advertising banners, icons or trademarks. By mirroring them with the permanent addresses in
the HTML-code on the web, the direct connection is created. The current appearance of such banners depends alone on the
initiator. This process lends an incontestable actuality to the entire work, until all the segments resolve in the internet.
Furthermore the Trashconnection shows digital creations of net-art. 

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