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[Nettime-bold] ___ R E A L T O K Y O vol.20 ___

Dear friends

I've just updated the webzine REALTOKYO.  Enjoy!

R    E    A    L    T    O    K    Y    O    MAIL MAGAZINE
_____30_03_2001_Fri_vol.20___________ http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/


REALTOKYO is Japan's first web magazine to present a variety of
cultural information about the Tokyo metropolitan area in both
Japanese and English. It is an urban cultural magazine offering
carefully selected quality content to Internet users wanting to
know what's on in this world city. The sophisticated design and
content will appeal to residents of the city and other parts of
Japan, as well as English-speaking people throughout the world.

Structure of the magazine:------------
1. Information about films, music events, exhibitions,
     the theatre and other events in Tokyo.
2. Cultural information dispatched from other world cities.
3. Articles related to cultural issues.
4. Several other sections describing what's currently on in Tokyo.
5. Users can search events by keyword, date, area and category.
6. A convenient tool for managing a schedule of events chosen
     by the user.
7. An email service to remind users of events that they have
     marked on their schedules.


[This Week's Index]

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks:
      'Deep Seijun'
      Indulge yourself in the male aesthetics of 'Taisho Roman'
      Recommended by Kurei Hibiki

(2) Present of the Week:
      Invitation to 'Ningen-zo', and more!

This week RT Recommends:
art+cinema+music+stage+design+others = 43 events
including 11 new ones!  Check them out!

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks
'Deep Seijun'
Indulge yourself in the male aesthetics of 'Taisho Roman'

Recommended by Kurei Hibiki

There are two men in the Japanese film world who are referred to
as directors, but who don't shoot films. One is Yamamoto Shinya,
who is known for his nightlife TV program 'Tonight 2'. The other
is Suzuki Seijun. He seems to fully enjoy being a TV personality:
he plays the role of god in a TV program for children 'Bishojo
Kamen Powatorin' and appears in a TV commercial for men's clothing
with Ando Masanobu. Why doesn't he make movies anymore? ....


(2) Present of the Week

We've prepared lots of presents!  Send in your name!
Be aware that each present has a different closing date.
Instead of announcing the winners we just send them their prize.

* Invitation to 'Ningen-zo', at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
Invitation to the preview of
  'Mighty children creates the new era 2001'
Invitation to the preview of 'LIES'
'LIES' press sheet
REALTOKYO stickers (ten per set)

To apply and for further information, please contact:

Please send your ideas and opinions to info@realtokyo.co.jp.
Three users who send us mail will be chosen to receive a little gift

Tetsuya OZAKI

Editor in Chief / REALTOKYO

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