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[Nettime-bold] Fw: Macedonian students speak out

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 Subject: Macedonian students speak out

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Subject: Macedonian students speak out
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We hope that this letter will reach you and encourage you, beside our government`s efforts, and speed up your reaction in order to take the appropriate measures that will contribute into stopping and seizing the terrorist actions undertaken by the armed militant groups in the Republic of Macedonia.
For the past month a direct attack is undertaken upon the security structures of our country Б-? the police and the arm, also having the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country endangered.
In the past several weeks armed extremist groups are trying to distress and damage Macedonia by undertaking terrorist activities on the northern border line with Yugoslavia, and the past few days the confrontations between the terrorists and the army transferred in Tetovo.
Due to the conflicts in the passing weeks, eight victims have been reported (all of the security structures) and several injured, among which innocent citizens.
The last five days the encounters are of an increased intensity which clearly shows that the armed groups are not willing to give up the weapons.
Sacred right for every country is that its territory is indivisible. If the intentions of these groups are such, it would be better if they give up on the idea since there is no place for such hotshots in our country. 
All this which is happening has some familiarity if not the similarity with what happened in Kosovo couple of years ago pursuing the identical scenario. The first groups that raised their voice against that regime were at first unconnected armed groups, which afterwards became the deliberating army of Kosovo (UCK) with their own demands and goals. 
Further on, the question is asked Б-? Why are the ethnic Albanians in Macedonia so displeased here since in the past ten years had most of their demands fulfilled? 
As a democratic country, in the government of Macedonia with the total of 30 ministers and their deputies, the ethnic Albanians are occupying 8 positions which is undoubtedly a very high percentage, not only compared to the majority of the Macedonians, but also comparing the rest of the minorities in Macedonia. It should be added that one of the vice-presidents of the Prime Minister is a member of the Albanian Democratic Party (ADP)
Further more, of the total of 120 members of the Macedonian parliament, 25 are ethnic Albanian. One of the vice-presidents of the parliament is also a member of ADP.
Their rights are also visible in the local self-government. They are granted according to clause 7 of the Macedonian Constitution in which is said: "In the regions of the local self-government, where the members of the minorities form the local majority, beside the Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet in official usage are the language and the alphabet of the nationalities in a manner regulated by law".
You are probably already aware, but still we would like to remind you how extensive are the rights of the members of the Albanian minority in the highest structures of the government in Macedonia. Beside these there were special privileges relating to the high school education, now extended to the university education with the Shtul University project, further on privileges in the judicial system, where the Macedonian citizens who are ethnic Albanians are represented with 30% (speaking of district attorneys, and not just any personnel) etc. To all this we can add up the foreign affairs, ethnic Albanians represent Macedonia as ambassadors in many countries. 
At the end we mustn`t forget the many times repeated but important, human overtake, that Macedonia overtook for the Albanian citizens from Kosovo during the Kosovo crisis. 400 000 Kosovo citizens were accepted, and 65 million US dollars were given from the Macedonian budget for their accommodation and survival. But it seems that someone can`t respect our good will.
Gentleman of Europe, if the Albanians don`t know, we are convinced that you DO. During the Kosovo crisis you were the ones who came to Macedonia and supported it in it`s doings. We think that now is the moment, when the oases of peace, as you called it, needs your support in order to have a rapid and more efficient solutions of the occurring events.
With respect,
Skopje , Macedonia

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