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[x-pos][t][er apolo][13][-G][forces][.

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now @:

>1.[Bureau of The N][arratively Fractured][uance]

A psychologically warped group of bureaucrats work 12 hours a day in  the
Bureau of the Narratively Fractured Nuance. Their job is to make sure all
advertising tag lines are grammatically correct. They have every
dictionary of every language known to man, and a few dictionaries of
imaginary languages. It is when Bombo Perlosi starts writing an ad
campaign for his half-written  novel in a mysterious language, that his
co-workers suspect the unwritten half contains secrets of the occult
and a smattering of plagiarism for which viewer discretion was 
to be urgently advised.  [Bombo liked comparing himself] to modern 
scientists, [in his spew that] Renaissance [type] magicians operated 
within a cosmological framework which seems fantastic, and which had 
to be rejected before genuine science could evolve. Nonetheless, in 
daring to believe that the human mind could guide and command the 
creative forces of nature, they asserted important attitudes and 
values which eventually contributed to the evolution of genuine 
science. Hermetic magicians and Paracelsians often proclaimed the 
overthrow of the traditional authorities which had imposed strict 
limits upon the search for truth; together with the mechanical 
artisans with which they frequently allied themselves, they are among 
Bacon's immediate predecessors in emphasizing experience, rather than 
mere citation of Galen or Aristotle, as the appropriate test of 
assertions about nature. Perhaps most importantly, they predicted 
that the imminent renewal of all of human knowledge would bring with 
it the reform of human society and of human nature itself. [footnote 
When asked what the hell he was talking about, Bombo replied 
enigmatically, "Prospero is prosperous."

>2.[Agency of ][Dis][URLocators]

At war with the office across the hall, the Agency of the DisURL-locators,
Bombo's boss, the seductive Katarina Witt-Knife, wants to get revenge  on
Benty Carlyle for using her social connections to get to the Prime
Minister. She places some chocolates laced with arsenic in her candy dish.

>3.[The Dildonic Removalists]

Katarina Witt-Knife has a notorious past. During wild sex, she thought she
was cutting off a dildo from her female lover. However, her female  lover
was really a male transvestite, and Katarina... well...she knew then  and
there she was skating on reeeal thin, glassy ice; and that at any moment,
she could virtually fall into an abysmal snake pit.

>4.[Epi. Genesis. Clinic] 

In an annexe of an abysmal snake-pit, the elderly Dr Buffoon had gathered
his staff together for the usual four hour Friday morning meeting. Many of
them were dozing, though with practice
they had learned to do that with eyes half-open. At last one of them,
Dr Werther, had the slightest germ of an original idea. He announced  it.
Satisfied, Dr Buffoon declared the meeting closed at 1 p.m. exactly.

>5.[Office of ElectroEncephaloGraphics]
  5.Escritório de EletroEncéfaloGráfico

>6.[Agency of the Multi-Facet]
  6.Agência de Multiface

The administration of a multi-faced multi-fence is a very
hard job. But it´s the only way to separate the different facets
and to create well defined multidirectional interfaces between them.
Stoopid people down here, smoking strong cigarettes all day and night,
the floor filled with a diarrhoea of diagrams. Each can be seen as a 
facet of another one and in endless recursion of possible meaning the
dawn breaks.

>7.[Bureau of Ping Panic]
  7.Escritório de Batida de Pânico [or]
    7."Escritório de Ping Pânico" because we have "ping pong",
       a commom expression, even in Portuguese,
       with an automatization broken expression:
       ping ... pong, or panic.

>8.[Bureau of D][M][isused Phrenology]

--- I dug it up from my neighbor's back yard... The size and viewable area
are not the same. One might have a 15.1-inch viewable area,
some may be 16. The law states, hunters and collectors must be factual about

>9.[Androidal Arousal Commission]



Katarina was one of many. She placed her seal on Bombo; he returned the
favor. Outside, children were being murdered by the police. She pushed the
seal hard; Bombo was President and responsible for a lot of deaths. She
heated the seal so it would sink through his flesh. She made him  breathe
DDT. She killed the insects on his skin. She blinded him because he was a
bad man. He was evil because he looked innocent and everyone loved him.
The insects would metal.  No one would do a thing about him because no one
could. Katarina could and she made him eat the insects. She fucked the
Doctor Konninger who came in to see what was going on. The insects
clattered and scratched Bombo's dead eyes. The insects clawed his skin and
opened it and then they crawled in and scratched and clawed. The Doctor
liked it and they both hated the President. Katarina: "Did I say we  love
to fuck?" They hated the President worse than anything in the world. They
were Jews and could smell fascism. They whipped themselves into a  frenzy
because they let Jews and Arabs die and they didn't know what to do. They
always whipped themselves but now they had the President. They hated  the
President. They would kill him as slow as possible and feed his flesh  to
the poor. They spat and spat on him. They wanted their beautiful  country
back. Katarina, I wish I could write happier things now, but our  country
has been stolen. The world is on the verge of war. Fuck me and we will end
war and poverty forever. She pushed the seal in harder. Metal insects with
fucked molten iron bodies. Doctor, we must make sure he is dead. Alan, "I
will do that, thank you." Katarina thanks Alan.


>10.[Holding Key Exe.cuti][on][ve Agency]
>11.[Centre for Disused Diatribes]
>12.[Segmented Wants Agency]

--- Want I want I'd want I don't want want.

>13.[Disjointed Need][le][s Services]
>14.[Fuzzy Logic Commission]
..o. ???@??? ... ... __/ __:__:__ ____ ......-
....: <global...@.o..../ .local> ....i...: ..o
. ..i...o........... ([/ __.___._.__]) .. ..i.
..........o. (.o...o..i/ . ... ._._._ ....... 2 __
__ i.# _-_____.____.___/ _.__) .i.. ..... i. .
o. .o. <map....@......./ .o.>; ..., __ ... ___
_ __:__:__ -____ ....i./ .: ..o. ... (....o.. [ ++
___.___.__.___]) .. ..i/ ..o........... (.o...
i.) .i.. .... i. _..___/ ._.; ..., __ ... ____
__:__:__ +____ (...) ../ ....-i.:o<_._._.__.__
____________.____.___@.o .......code> .-......
: .........@.o........./ . .-..i.od: .....o.. W ..
i..o.. ...o.. .i... .../ io. _._c_ (__) ....: W ..
.., __ ... ____ __:__:_/  +____ .o: .......@..
.......o., ..i..i..@.../ ..i......, ...._o._.i  //
..@...oo..o.....o. ..o.:  "..o...][.][i." <aux  //
......@.o......abort> ./ .....: ][.o.][... .o.  //
.i..: ...... o. ... .][/ ....i.... .........][  //
...... _./  .o.....-....: ..../.  //
..i.; .......="..-...ii/ 2 [ W W __________PbN  //
>15.[Neural Neurosis Services]

 e:sc:ape:e from s:ecto:r 14.
 need:l:ed with no:vacc:a:ine
 b:ent o:n/r/egan/egin/enig:h:g:f
 flu:or:essence of dis:creti:o:ns
 a gree:i:n for the sa:ke:y:ki
 ka:terin:e: dines with gel:flesh
 ter:rib:  le   brain brawn jelly.

>16.[Siliconic Seduction Administration]

--- A surface so smooth and silicy you can't say no.

>17.[The Carbon Fiberous Pro][ptic][ject]
>18.[Office of the Ceramically Challenged]
  18.Escritório de Desafio Cerâmico

Julie plumps cushions in the gloomy waiting room, imagining herself on Bondi
beach inflating lilos. She has never been to Bondi beach but she does know
something about inflation. In fact, she has is currently studying part-time
for research degree in the production/distribution/consumption of
goods/services and their management within distributed systems. She is
almost in love with her supervisor, Professor Amygdala Spurzheim, who has an
estimable collection of 19th century porcelain phrenlogical heads. Julie
intends to take a holiday soon.

click on the bumps:

>19.[Centre For Nanotronic Comptrollers]
>20.[Office of The Re][wiring][route]

On June 11, 1887, Mrs. Sherwood wrote:

"Indeed, it is to be feared that it is a fashion for
young men nowadays to appear listless, to conceal what ideas they may
happen to have, to try to appear stupid, if they are not so, throwing
all the burden of the conversation on the lively, vivacious,
good-humored girl. [since] Women's wits are proverbially quick, they
talk readily, they read and think more than the average young man of
fashion is prone to do; the result is a quick and a ready tongue."

My Dearest ------:
Please review this submission in advance of our meeting.
With my deepest love and respect, in strictest confidence,
Montreal, Quebec

>21. [Amalgamators, Empaths and Emoters]
  21.Amalgamadores, Empatias e Emotivos


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