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[Nettime-bold] Opening -- With Eminem Riding Shot Gun

With Eminem Riding Shot Gun

I don't want to talk about it, period. No offense man, but I've said the same 
thing to everybody. 

It's amazing. "60 Minutes" has called, the "Today Show" has called, "Good 
Morning America" has called, Larry King, CNN, Time, Newsweek -- you name it. 
And I'm telling them all the same thing: Artists have nothing to do with the 
deranged, vaguely connected actions of a few celebrated nut cases -- and 
that's it. To say anything more than that on a national podium can't help but 
look like I'm whining. 

The ridiculous thing is that, in fact, books like mine and others have made a 
lot of kids feel less isolated, less alone, relieved to know that someone 
else out there understood how they feel, I mean, if you deal with negative 
feelings and emotions in your writing or whatever medium you work in, it's 
always possible it will be interpreted in ways you never intended. But, 
ultimately, that doesn't make you responsible. 

Being associated with a tragedy like this merely because of some vague 
similarities written in a book more than 20 years ago is very troublesome to 
me. Look at guys like Mark David Chapman, When they took him in, they found a 
copy of "Catcher In The Rye" in his pocket, and his crimes had at least five 
times more direct references to the book than mine. 

I mean, pick on Charlton Heston or something; he's standing there in an ad 
holding a gun and saying "Join me," and they're going to pick on me? The 
scene where DiCaprio guns down his classmates wasn't even in the book. But 
like I said, I don't want to talk about it, because it only looks like I'm 


With Eminem Riding Shot Gun

Jesse Bercowetz at Monk
(in collaboration with MWMWM & Chris Murray)

Opening: Friday, April 6 (7-10pm)
301 Bedford (Between S. 1st & S. 2nd)
Brooklyn NY 11211
Gallery Hours: Thru May  -- Sat & Sun (12-6pm)
or by appointment

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