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[Nettime-bold] ][Col][Lab Logging: Agency of The N][arrativelyfractured][etwurk

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>1.[Bureau of The N][arratively Fractured][uance]

A psychologically warped group of bureaucrats work 12 hours a day in the
Bureau of the Narratively Fractured Nuance. Their job is to make sure all
advertising tag lines are grammatically correct. They have every
dictionary of every language known to man, and a few dictionaries of
imaginary languages. It is when Bombo Perlosi starts writing an ad
campaign for his half-written  novel in a mysterious language, that his
co-workers suspect the unwritten half contains secrets of the occult.

>2.[Agency of ][Dis][URLocators]

At war with the office across the hall, the Agency of the DisURL-locators,
Bombo's boss, the seductive Katarina Witt-Knife, wants to get revenge on
Benty Carlyle for using her social connections to get to the Prime
Minister. She places some chocolates laced with arsenic in her candy dish.

>3.[The Dildonic Removalists]

Katarina Witt-Knife has a notorious past. During wild sex, she thought she
was cutting off a dildo from her female lover. However, her female lover
was really a male transvestite, and Katarina... well...she knew then and
there she was skating on reeeal thin, glassy ice; and that at any moment,
she could virtually fall into an 
abysmal snake pit.

>4.[Epi. Genesis. Clinic]
>5.[Office of ElectroEncephaloGraphics]
  5.Escritório de EletroEncéfaloGráfico

>6.[Agency of the Multi-Facet]
  6.Agência de Multiface

>7.[Bureau of Ping Panic]
  7.Escritório de Batida de Pânico [or]
    7."Escritório de Ping Pânico" because we have "ping pong", 
       a commom expression, even in Portuguese, 
       with an automatization broken expression: 
       ping ... pong, or panic.

>8.[Bureau of D][M][isused Phrenology]
>9.[Androidal Arousal Commission]
>10.[Holding Key Exe.cuti][on][ve Agency]
>11.[Centre for Disused Diatribes]
>12.[Segmented Wants Agency]
>13.[Disjointed Need][le][s Services]
>14.[Fuzzy Logic Commission]
>15.[Neural Neurosis Services]
>16.[Siliconic Seduction Administration]
>17.[The Carbon Fiberous Pro][ptic][ject]
>18.[Office of the Ceramically Challenged]
  18.Escritório de Desafio Cerâmico

>19.[Centre For Nanotronic Comptrollers]
>20.[Office of The Re][wiring][route]

>21. [Amalgamators, Empaths and Emoters]
  21.Amalgamadores, Empatias e Emotivos



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