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[Nettime-bold] Immediacy -Call For Submissions

Immediacy, the on-line forum of The New School Media Studies 
Department is currently seeking contributions (text, film/video, 
still images, audio) to its new issue on History and Memory. In this 
issue, we plan to reconsider the salient subject of history and 
memory some ten years after the subject was at its hottest in 
American intellectual circles. Have we found the answers to those 
questions that once seemed so urgent? Did we not simply end up 
confining memory to identity politics and history to conservative 
ideology in public discourse? The problems of remembering/forgetting 
and reconciliation are still highly relevant and with us today. And 
how about memory-as-the-unspeakable, and historical understanding as 
the basis of democratic society, just to mention a few possible 
avenues for inquiry? 
In the new issue of Immediacy we propose to take up these subjects 
again, particularly from the perspective of their representation in 
various media. We invite contributions in any format that we can 
channel through our website, such as text, film, video, audio and 
still images, and including reviews of recent books, movies, 
exhibitions, websites or other initiatives. Please contact us via e-
mail at For our earlier issue on the Avantgarde 
and our new issue, Media Mix 2000, as well as our policy on 
submissions see our website:

Immediacy Editorial Board

IMMEDIACY is an on-line discussion forum for Media, Arts and Culture sponsored
by The New School University Media Studies Department.

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