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[Nettime-bold] Pro.][chat][logging: Agency of The N][arrativelyfractured][etwurk

1.[Bureau of The N][arratively Fractured][uance]

2.[Agency of ][Dis][URLocators]

3.[The Dildonic Removalists]

4.[Epi. Genesis. Clinic]

5.[Office of ElectroEncephaloGraphics]

6.[Agency of the Multi-Facet]

7.[Bureau of Ping Panic]

8.[Bureau of D][M][isused Phrenology]

9.[Androidal Arousal Commission]

10.[Holding Key Exe.cuti][on][ve Agency]

11.[Centre for Disused Diatribes]

12.[Segmented Wants Agency]

13.[Disjointed Need][le][s Services]

14.[Fuzzy Logic Commission]

15.[Neural Neurosis Services]

16.[Siliconic Seduction Administration]

17.[The Carbon Fiberous Pro][ptic][ject]

18.[Office of the Ceramically Challenged]

19.[Centre For Nanotronic Comptrollers]

20.[Office of The Re][wiring][route]

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