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[Nettime-bold] Multimedia Appreciation


My local college has asked me to participate in a 120 hour course on
multimedia production. I proposed that one of the modules should be called
something like "Multimedia Appreciation"; I will be teaching this one.
During this 10 to 20 hour period, I intend to show the students several
examples of multimedia productions so they can get an idea of what's
possible, what's has been done, what's original or too common, so they can
formulate later their own projects. So I'm looking for interesting websites
that could inspire students, that could help them understand what is a good
multimedia production, what kind of effort goes into it, etc. In fact, I'm
not just looking for websites, I would also like to include videogames,
movies, opera productions and any other work of art that uses multiple
channels to convey a message. What are the most effective multimedia
productions you've seen through the years? I would prefer of course examples
easily available so I can actually show it to them, though I'm willing to
buy any cd, dvd, book or whatever it's necessary.

Thanks in advance,
Naju Ventura Medina

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