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        Blumensprache  -

        Early in the 19th century it was not unusual to express difficult messages by means
        of flower arrangements. A playful flower-symbology had first emerged toward the end
        of the 18th century, and it was revived a century later.

        Following are samples of this overwrought kode which modern readers 
        may find more amusant than ingenious. [for varianta b may access above url]

        varianta a:

        apricot branch: angel of your sex, i worship you!

        carnation: my bosom thrills in the rapture of longing.

        crown imperial: most adorable of your sex, goddess, i worship you!

        elder-blossom: you are becoming colder and colder.

        elm-leaf: our love must remain a secret.

        forget-me-not: give heed to what this little flower whispers!

        grapevine: move closer, and remain true to me.

        kale: explain yourself more clearly, if i am to understand you.

        lavender: your speech is puzzling.

        lilac: let us hurry to the altar, before our youth has passed!

        moss: your obstinacy drives me to despair!

        narcissus (white): frightful! would you destroy me completely?

        onion: you are repugnant to me

        peppermint: why make so much fuss over trifles?

        poppy: as you are in bloom, let me rest on your bosom.

        snowdrop: purity of heart shines forth in your gaze.

        tobacco-flowers: you awaken feelings that slumber sweetly within me.

        The use of language is an evolutionary triumph that has made civilization possible,
        but the growth and use of language for communication by representations requires
        the prior preparation and shaping of brains by specific neurochemical mechanisms.

        Given the variable meanings that the same 'flower' can carry, 
        it may be desirable that both partners utilize the same kode.


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