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[Nettime-bold] Genesis P-Orridge and Eric Heist

Apologies for any cross-postingCANDY FACTORY
Genesis P-Orridge & Eric Heist
An art exhibition of all new collaborative sculptures, objects, paintings,
photo-prints, installations and multiples.

Opening party in the presence of the artists: Friday 6th April 2001, 7 to 10
At the Centre of Attention, 15 Cotton's Gardens, London E2 (Old Street Tube,
Exit 2)

Exhibition: 7th April to 6th May 2001, Thursdays to Fridays, 2 to 7 p.m.

Genesis P-Orridge is a performance artist, musician and visual artist whose
career has spanned 30 years. He conceived and founded the seminal British
"performance art" group Coum Transmissions, became a member of Throbbing
Gristle in 1975, of Psychic TV in 1981, and now of spoken word/ambient
theatre group Thee Majesty which performed at the Royal Festival Hall in
1999. He has released more than 200 CDs of experiments in music to date. He
has worked and collaborated with William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Derek
Jarman and Dr Timothy Leary amongst others.

The Centre of Attention’s “Candy Factory” exhibition is Genesis P-Orridge’s
return to a London gallery for the first time since Coum’s infamous
“Prostitution” show at the ICA in 1976, 25 years ago.

Eric Heist is a New York based artist. His work has been shown extensively
in the United States including P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Brooklyn
Museum of Art and numerous New York galleries including Feed, Thread Waxing
Space, PS122 and recently the Team Gallery with Genesis. He directs and
curates Momenta Art, the pioneering Brooklyn gallery.

Candy Factory is a collaboration and joint work between the two artists: