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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> apple -os x -the big brother?

> apple got into the scene with the 1984 ad - demolishing the big brother.
> now it's time for apple to be the big brother.
> anybody has installed the os x ? - it came out march 24. you don't have
> root access to your machine in either mac extended file system or unix
> file system (supposedly the developer's version).

Please get your facts straight...

Root access is normally disabled, but you can enable it in the security 
application with the Enable Root Access menu entry.

The reason it is disabled is that (a) you should be able to do everything you 
do with root access through other means, i.e. through the Apple-supplied user 
interface, and (b) with root access it is just too simple to completely mess 
things up. Also note that the unix sudo command works as expected (i.e. no 
reason to enable root access for it to work).

Apple don't advertise how to become root, for reason (b) above, but the 
procedure you need to follow *is* explained in the manual.
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