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[Nettime-bold] study to document the social implications of the Internet

 From 'Edupage':

The Philadelphia-based philanthropic organization Pew Charitable
Trusts is financing a three-year, $5.9 million study to document
the social implications of the Internet. The Pew Internet and
American Life Project is less about why consumers are not using
online "shopping carts" and more about who is online and why. So
far, the year-old study has revealed that there are just as many
women online as men, that women play more online games, that the
Internet promotes social interaction and not isolation, and that
much is made of privacy but Web surfers continue to give personal
information away. The project uses old-fashioned telephone
interviews from thousands of Americans to gather this
information. The project has had to face some challenges,
particularly when it reported that the Internet had little
effect on the 2000 election. Online communities are presently
the focus of the project's call center. Over the next few
months, the project plans to report on how families and the
faith community use the Internet as well as on how the
government uses Web sites.
(Philadelphia Inquirer, 22 March 2001)


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