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More than just a great name! Great poets! Great Essays! And a Great Hall Of Shame!

Read 50+ great poems by Dan Schneider:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Le%20Bestiare.htm    Poems in the manner of an old Bestiary!

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Omnisonnets.htm     The greatest sonnet sequence ever penned!

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Miscellaneous.htm       A taste of greatness- poems on paintings, the

Chrysler Building, Douglas MacArthur, Al Capone, & more!

Great poetry by Jessica Schneider:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Jessica%20Schneider.htm   Ella Fitzgerald, Gala Dali, Una

Jeffers, Andree Rexroth, Claude Monet & more!

The Uptown Poetry Group:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/UPG.htm    Poems by such UPG Mainstays as Bruce Ario, Art

Durkee, Greg Degerstrom, Don Moss, Dave Nelson, & others. The Uptown Poetry Group was founded by Dan Schneider in June, 1995 & is the premier poetry critique group in the Twin Cities metro area- as well the best, oldest, continuously-running, open, all-poetry critique- not support!- group. The UPG seeks diversity & excellence in thought, style & work (beginning-advanced). The UPG is free & meets 7 pm on the 2d & 3d Fridays of the month @ varying locales. Bring 8-10 copies of a poem you want critique on & enjoy a good intellectual discussion on art & more! To find out more about the UPG & the date/locale of its next meeting contact Dan Schneider  @    cosmoetica@att.net

Twin Cities Poets Of Note:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/TCPoets.htm     Lyle Daggett, Dylan Garcia-Wahl, & Cindra Halm

put forth their poems!  Also help locate the MIA Poets!

Vers Magnifique:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/VM.htm      A new page: Cosmoetica seeks to post excellent

poems from all over the world. Vers Magnifique is dedicated to those poets of quality from outside the Twin Cities Metro area. Although quality is the top priority poems under 2 pages in length & not as visually complex stand the best chance of appearing. Poets must allow their name, email, & place of origin (city/state/country- but not actual address!) to be posted- a brief bio/artistic statement may be a nice feature; but not required. Also, if the poet has a website they can have Cosmoetica link to it. If chosen the poems will be posted ASAP. Dan Schneider may comment on the poem's quality & why it was chosen. How to submit? You can mail poems to Dan Schneider @ 5700 West 104 Street, Bloomington, MN 55437  USA, email poems to cosmoetica@att.net & paste the poems within the email or attach them via WORD. All submissions are appreciated. Those rejected can request a reason why & if time allows Dan may comment on why the poem was rejected. Thanks!

Neglected Poets:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Neglected.htm      Poets such as Conrad Aiken, Jane Cooper,

Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr., Stephen Crane, Countee Cullen, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, James Emanuel, Robert Hayden, H.D., Nazim Hikmet, Vicente Huidobro, Robinson Jeffers, Stephen Jonas, Weldon Kees, Amy Lowell, Archibald MacLeish, Osip Mandelstam, Glyn Maxwell, Tom McGrath, Claude McKay, Thylias Moss, Lorine Niedecker, Kenneth Patchen, Hyam Plutzik,  Jeremy Reed, Laura Riding, Edwin Rolfe, Carl Sandburg, Shuntaro Tanikawa, Marina Tsvetaeva, Hone Tuwhare, Mark Van Doren, Margaret Walker, & Judith Wright.

Further Info On Dan Schneider:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Further%20Info.htm    Read articles about Dan Schneider, as well

as letters to the editor as Dan Battles Academics, PC Elitists, & other recrudescences of the art world. Bonus: read how Dan destroys local yellow journalists Ed Felien & Dwight Hobbes!

Hall Of Shame:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/HOS.htm            Links to dozens of the world's worst poets,

including one self-nominated nut!

S& D Essays:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/S&D.htm    The Seek & Destroy page seeks hard, poetic critique on

poetry alone! Send hard poetic critiques to cosmoetica@att.net .  Read as S&D essays rend phonies like
Harold Bloom:  http://www.Cosmoetica.com/S&D.htm#D1-DES1

Robert Bly:    http://www.Cosmoetica.com/S&D.htm#D2-DES2

Poets & Writers Magazine:   http://www.Cosmoetica.com/S&D.htm#D3-DES3

And Discover a great Poet-
James Emanuel:  http://www.Cosmoetica.com/S&D.htm#S1-DES1

Bylines Essays:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm     General essays on art & life!

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm#B4-NO3    Norm Olson goes apeshit on the arts,

poetry, & the corrupting influence of money.

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm#B3-LW1     Laura Winton spouts off surrealistically!

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm#B5-DO1            Dave Okar throws in his 2 cents!

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm#B7-MXH1             The self-proclaimed Genius- Max

Herman-  offers to explain Western Literature to the rest of us dummies!

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm#B8-MM1    Humanist Marilyn Mason kicks religion's


http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm#B10-DJM2   Don Moss weighs in on faith & breakfast!

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/Bylines.htm#B11-DES1    Dan Schneider blasts Yoko Ono as a

poseur & discovers painting is still kicking!

This Art Of Life:

http://www.Cosmoetica.com/TAOL.htm      The ongoing adventures of a little white boy from

Queens in the big bad artworlds of New York & Loonesota! Be there as the unnamed protagonist encounters liars, scam artists, Uncle Toms, psychotics, & the generally fucked up stereotypes of the artworld-cum-true!

IF YOU LOVE POETRY www.Cosmoetica.com is what you've been waiting for!