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[Nettime-bold] G2KN News Report from Published Poet Briggs Seekins

Subj:    [Genius2000Conference2000] The Blue Genius at Portland City Hall.
Date:   3/24/2001 12:56:10 PM Central Standard Time
From:   baseekins@netscape.net
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Yesterday I went to the Portland City Hall to join the anti-Bush protests. 
Bush came to our little city to speak to a crowd of Chamber of Commerce 
members and relatives about how important his tax cut is for the top one 
percent. This was the most tightly orchestrated public appearance I've ever 
seen--and remember, folks, I spent quite a bit of time in Kennebunkport 
during George the I's reign. I couldn't yell Genius 2000 at W., because it 
was impossible to get anywhere near the little craven coward. They blocked 
off all the streets behind City Hall and brought Bush in through the 
backdoor. The protesters were all a block away. It was a nice turn out, 
considering that we just got another fucking snowstorm and it was a week day. 
The news people said that W. didn't even glance in our direction when on his 
way into the auditorium. Then only people who were allowed inside the 
auditorium were registered Republicans (my mom heard this, and she is an 
accountant, so she hears things li!
ke that from reliable sources) who belonged to the Chamber of Commerce (it 
said that in the newspaper) and who paid thirty dollars a ticket. The MO-ron 
chamber of commerce president said this would be great publicity for the 
city. I don't have any idea what he meant by that comment. It's just the sort 
of stupid Babbitism that those guys say. The Chamber of Commerce people had 
to line up to go inside the auditorium, right in front of the protester. One 
of them said "Read the goddamned newspaper." I asked him which one he 
recommended and he wouldn't answer. I was wearing my new, blue and silver pro 
wrestling mask which I am very happy about. I am thinking of wearing it 
fairly often, just hanging out. I told the people going inside "You can 
always rejoin the human race, you know. We love you and want you to be with 
us in the future." I expected, what with the mask, I might get hassled by the 
cops, but no problems at all in that regard. One of them even complimented me 
on my mask.!
 My girlfriend tried to give on of the cops a pin that said "Bushit" and he 
said he couldn't take it, but he laughed and said thanks anyway. I am going 
to write a letter to the paper, congratulating the police for having such a 
low-key, friendly attitude towards the protests. It obviously wasn't their 
choice to block off city hall and keep everybody hundreds of yards away from 
the clown prince. 
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