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>Hello my dear,
>           from                  just phoned to say you won 
>one of the Top 25 Women on the Web awards.
>The award itself is a crystal piece of sculpture, the recipient will 
> be asked to give a short spiel, and the ceremony will be immortalised 
> on CD, which will contain details of the winners (title, photo, 
> biography) and videos of the April 24 knees up. A full press corp will 
> be at the event, and they expect to be covered by CNNet, the Times, 
> San Jose Mercury, and other tech-savvy news media. So I said I would 
> pass on the glad tidings and ask you to confirm with her your preferred 
> title quick as a bunny, as the international press releases are being 
> sent out tomorrow.
>In the near term she also needs a photo and bio from you.
>Expect an e-mail from her soon.

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