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       \/\ trusting teknologies - immune stimulazie - klozr +?

        Netochka Nezvanova shall be presenting selekt data [+ neu bodies] 
        at Sonar \ espania 2000+01 -

        Oporto 2001 - "an international event happening in Portugal,
        the European capital of culture" will host a NATO.0+55
        distrakzie shop.please. with j.dekam []

        Netochka Nezvanova shall be discussing .bio.privacy 
        at digital_is_not_analog.01 2001. Bologna, Italy. 

        Netochka Nezvanova has been nominated (+ now won)  
        [korporat uarfare macht fre!!!!]

        Leaders of the Millennium - recognizes the achievements of women
        who have made significant contributions to the advancement of technology
        and to the advancement of women in technology related fields.
        the previous winners include top level management:
        CEO, Autodesk
        VP, Microsoft
        VP, IBM
        CEO, Handspring
        CTO, Cisco Systems
        CEO, Hewlett Packard
        CIO, Charles Schwab
        CEO, eBay
        CFO, Telebank

        as well as Esther Dyson, Laura LeMay, 
        Barbara Boxer (US Senator), etc. etc

        Netochka Nezvanova has been selected for 
        the Vdor21/Break21 festival in Slovenia.

        Netochka Nezvanova has been appointed
        director of leaves + petals at the STEIM Center 
        for Research & Development [of biodegradable soft(wear+bodies)]

        Seva gave a lecture on creative sound to the art department 
        of 01 or other .us university - the lecture was entitled
        from Cage & Pollack to Netocka Nezvanova & Cindy Sherman

        01 lovely personaj will be conducting a presentation of Netochka Nezvanova's
        work for a "     and Gender Theory." course at 01 .US institute.

        Netochka Nezvanova has been asked to activate 01 prescription
        of texts for .US students [my favorite - how did you know]

        Netochka Nezvanova has been asked to activate 01 prescription
        of texts for lume - a journal of electronic writing and art

        NN sponsored competitions

        DRAU M! | MEET M! kompetizie -
        B!OZKULPT+?  NE!N DANKE!!!!  -

        NN projekts:


        Netochka Nezvanova is partly sponsoring programs at:

        InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre 
        New York University
        Maryland Institute of Art 
        Peabody Conservatory of Music

        NN uarm humanitarian assistance:

        Netochka Nezvanova has informed the Walker Art Centre serf-marionnetes
        that they shall be promptly sued for formidable amounts if ...
        The Cycling74 lawsuit preparations are proceeding just lovely.
        01 .yu life form is however distracted by preparations for
        01 nn debut on NASDAQ. [+nn is studying for 01 nobel prize]


        Jeff D Morey typed:
        For those who don't know, I've been working with The Builders 
        Association for the past year, specifically on video and video 
        software (nato) programming.  We'll be performing "Xtravaganza" 
        this coming Monday at Whitney Museum at Philip Morris (42nd St. 
        loc.) as part of "PULSE: a festival of digitally inspired performance."

        Lovebyte2001 - A four day festival in Sheffield 22 - 25 March
        presenting new computer based art and media including
        modulicious by hiaz -  +
        (Ex)tractor -  [i have an efficient delete key]

        nn's .be friend writes: 

       "Yesterday I went to 'unbreakable'.
        At the end there's a scene where you see 3 G4's under a desk and 3
        flatscreen monitors on top of the desk displaying weird animations 
        and flashes. It looks an awful lot like NATO. 
        Is it?"


        John Simon in an interview with 01 pop-star krrritik sagt:

        "As far as applications and styles of software published by American
        companies, I see a lot of coding from Europe that has a distinctly
        non-American flavor. The attitude is generally more aggressive" 

                                                      schone neue velt

                         !tz good 4 u... 

                         [as josephine bosma indicated prev.
                         you carnivor you]  must be careful avec dosage -
                         do we want to turn this into 01 hyena society +?

        "and less accepting of the limitations of commercial software. 
        Think of projects like Nato..."

        think -

        luke writes:

        made a video last night for one of the freight
        elevator quartet remix tracks... total nato algorithm improv thing.

        Dr. Richard Boulanger writes:

        Luigi Castelli (number xxxxxxxx)  
        and I will be playing a concert at Real Art Ways in Hartford 
        Connecticut at 6pm. 


                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Ěn.     
 Netochka Nezvanova     -  i was designed especially for you 
 f3.MASCHIN3NKUNST     head to toe and a few stops in between    
                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                        |       >

        - egoiste - i have no friends...i make my mind my friend 
            - melt this right into your lips at least twice a day.

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