luther blisset on 23 Mar 2001 21:26:23 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] mir taken over by the association of autonomous astronauts

Press Release

This morning – Friday March 23 – The jungle
association of autonomous astronauts (jungleaaa) has
taken over the mir spacestation. While the whole world
was led to believe that mir entered the atmosphere at
about 8.00 hours CET, astronauts of jungleaaa have
successfully spacejacked the spacestation. They have
taken the mir out of orbit to a secret location.

So, Although official press releases are claiming the
opposite, that which was scattered in a large area in
the pacific is not what is left of mir. The debris
that was seen lighting up the skies over Fiji in fact
belonged to a cover-up operation by the nasa and the
Russian space agency to maintain the fiction that
their control over space is total. the spectacle of
debris flying over people’s heads was also staged to
install fear in people’s minds and in this way to
further ground their power.
The jungle association of autonomous astronauts has
not interfered in this pyrotechnical show. Our
astronauts were to busy taking over the mir and also
we like a bit of spectacle.