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[Nettime-bold] Short on cash? We'll give you a F R E E Pager 10934

Brand New Pager for  F R E E!

Put F R E E pagers on your kids - Give one to your loved ones - For F R E E

Here at Paging America we are excited to be offering you this
exclusive, top of the line, full featured pager in your choice
of color for  F R E E . This side viewable display pager is one of
the smallest and lightest pagers on the market today.

Call 877-699-7409 to be Guaranteed Your  F R E E  Pager Today

Your pager will hold up to 20 numeric messages. It has 9 music
alerts and silent vibration. New FLEX technology provides three
times the battery life. Also, message time and date stamping and
smart alarm so you can set a daily or weekly reminder. 

Just call the toll  F R E E  number and we'll ship your  F R E E  pager
to you immediately in your choice of color already programmed with
a local telephone number for your town. 

Make this easy phone call and we will deliver your pager immediately.

Call 877-699-7409 to get in on this exciting offer today

To get off this send email to garland67us@yahoo.com

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