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[Nettime-bold] whitney performance : Xtravaganza

From: Jeff D Morey <>

Hi all,

For those who don't know, I've been working with The Builders 
Association for the past year, specifically on video and video 
software (nato) programming.  We'll be performing "Xtravaganza" 
this coming Monday at Whitney Museum at Philip Morris (42nd St. 
loc.) as part of "PULSE: a festival of digitally inspired performance."

would love to see you...


Jeff Morey

details ::

The Builders Association
Monday March 26, 8pm
Whitney Museum at Philip Morris, 120 Park Ave @ 42nd St., New 



On Monday, March 26, 8:00pm, the OBIE Award-winning media 
and performance ensemble The Builders Association will perform 
excerpts from their latest production, "Xtravaganza," which 
reinterprets mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century theatrical 
variety shows through the lens of today's DJ and VJ culture.  The 
event kicks off 'Performance on 42nd's' spring series, "PULSE: a 
festival of digitally inspired performance."  this four-part series 
features new works in which artists intertwine diverse forms of 
digital media with live performance and is presented in 
conjunction with the exhibition "Bitstreams," on view at the main 
Whitney Museum of American Art from March 22 - June 10, 2001.  

The Performance will take place at the Whitney Museum at Philip 
Morris, 120 Park Ave. at 42nd Street, located directly across from 
Grand Central Station.  Admission is free.  No reservations 
accepted; seating is first-come, first-served.  for more information, 
please call 917-663-2453.

Using current tools to interpret old forms, "Xtravaganza" draws on 
historical types of theatrical entertainment that mixed live 
performance with music, dance, and film to create visually 
spectacular events.  Such productions or "extravaganzas" date 
back more than hundred years and can be understood as 
important precursors to what we now call "multimedia" 
performance.  Sampling fragments from the epic pageants staged 
by Steels MacKaye, the technical wizardry of Loie Fuller, the lavish 
stagescapes of Florenz Ziegfield, and the films of Busby Berkeley, 
The Builders Association reformulates these early events into a 
contemporary blend of video, dance, music and text...

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