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[Nettime-bold] cult2001 - cph: October 3-5, 1st announcement

cult2001 - cph, October 3-5
- first announcement
CultureNet Denmark will host an ambitious international conference; working title: cult2001 –  cph.
The Danish Digital Culture Conference will bring together people working in tree different areas within the digital culture in order to highlight the effect of synergism:
::. The collaboration in networks
::. Aesthetic and technical challenges in web creation
::. Representation and dissemination
- as well as economical and political issues concerning future perspectives in digital culture will be discussed by key note speakers.
The themes of cult2001 – cph:
::. Cultural heritage
::. State of the Art Projects
::. Netart
- will be processed in tree parallel working sessions as well as in plenary sessions. 

We will have a program available on our site in May: www.kulturnet.dk

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