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[Nettime-bold] New mailing list for press release information

You are receiving this message because we (the Free Software Foundation
and/or the GNU project) have corresponded with you in the past on a matter
related to the press.  Perhaps you interviewed someone from the FSF or
contacted us for research on an article.  Or, perhaps we simply had you
recorded as a contact concerning media related issues in your organization.

Because of this, we wanted to let you know about the existence of a
low-traffic, moderated mailing list we have just created, called
<>.  On this mailing list, we will post press releases and
other information about the GNU project and the FSF that would be of
interest to the media.

We would like to invite you to join this list.  You can join it by visiting, or by emailing
<> with a message whose contents is "subscribe".

Alternatively, you can reply to this message and ask us to add you to the

Thank you for your time.  We want you to know that this unsolicited email is
a one-time occurrence---simply to announce the existence of this mailing
list to our existing media contacts.  You won't receive press announcements
unless you actually join the new mailing list.


Public Relations Department <>
Free Software Foundation

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