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It seems like electric/energy bills are going are going up and up but we can put a stop to it. In fact, we believe we can eliminate your home energy bills. We are not offering something for nothing but rather we are offering a fair exchange.

In my area of the country, home energy prices have gone up more than 58% in the last six months. If you're like me, it is beginning to put a squeeze on your budget. To make matters worse, there is no end in sight. 

Well, we may have a solution to this madness. Our company has been researching new ways to produce electricity since 1987. We are preparing to bring our revolutionary technology to market soon. It will produce electricity without polluting the environment in any way.

We plan on putting a 30 kilowatt generator on homes all across America and Canada. This will be a completely distributed power generation. The unit will produce far more power than your home will use. You will get to use the power it produces. We will sell the power that you don't use back across the grid as our way of making money. You get your electricity for free in exchange for providing us an access point to the grid. This is the fair exchange we spoke of.

We would like you to participate in this exciting offer. You can get more information about this incredible opportunity by sending an email to and put "More Info" as the subject. We will send you an email that will explain how to get all the details. There are a limited number of slots available so you will need to respond soon.

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Thank you for your time,

April Ross

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