Terrence Kosick on 19 Mar 2001 19:47:49 -0000

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Re: [Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Carl Loeffler (was: net art history)

Terrence writes;

Rob and Simon are depressing here.  Where is Erin Brockovitch?

Did someone mention something about the creation of monsters back on shock of
the view?  I think the information age can make history as untidy as any sock
drawer.  I am always interested in what motivates people in the regard to
picking favorites and even rubbing out people in photo's?! Uniformity and order
is a little too fascistic for this diverse world. Hierarchies will, eventually,
not get away with it because you cant take data with you and there is always
some trail to discover and the merits of of unpopular artists whose forms or
contribution are over looked or their importance perhaps unrecognizable or
hidden by the flood/ hype. Rewrites will happen. Currently it's a matter of how
the information is controlled and distributed. (Is this how how some
universities and cultural institutions make money and careers with less
complications? )

Regardless you can't rely on the latest sources or coffee table web art
compilations or subjective reports. Every good scholar knows you have to dig to
get at the truth. It seems there are missing people/ art information for
rediscovery. Leave no stone unturned. I am as interested in the early pioneers
of web or network art as anyone should be here. I hope.


Simon Biggs wrote:

> As for the deletion of history by those with their own agenda's...it isn't
> the first time. The winners always write history (PoMo 101).

Smurf wrote;

> >Me thinks a great many names are in the process of being "expunged" right
> >now by American art museums, galleries and magazines as they write the
> >history of "art in a technological age..."
> >
> >Rob

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