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[Nettime-bold] APPEAL FOR PEACE

								 	March 16, 2001

from the representatives of non-government organizations
in the Republic of Macedonia

For the sake of protection of the fundamental principles in a civil society and its future  development
in the democratic process, we express our concerns and condemn the
recent aggression that has seriously jeopardized the security of the

We strongly condemn all acts of violence and the call for inter-ethnic intolerance.  The
occurrence of forced mobilization, the manipulation of civilians,
particularly that of the young, and the creation of a human wall to
further military goals are unfathomable actions of civilized man. The
outcome of such actions will only serve to break away at the foundation
of a civil society that the Republic of Macedonia has been building on
for the last ten years. The lack of information in the media, its
disinformation and its use of a propaganda war create panic and fear,
which in turn, causes blame to be laid on entire ethnic communities. All
this has social and psychological implications. All citizens of the
Republic of Macedonia are suffering due to the current situation,
particularly the poor and those of the small minority groups. The every
day activities of the non-governmental organizations have begun to
deteriorate. Important projects between domestic and foreign partners
have been cancelled. The vision for a peaceful and stable democratic
civil society has entered a critical phase.

We strongly condemn all actions that lead to the escalation of the current situation and appeal for:

-	the condemnation of the use of terrorism as a means to solve political problems;

-	the discouragement for the call of violence and ethnic intolerance;

-	means to prevent both volunteer and forced mobilization of citizens called  for
by political parties, organizations and ethnic groups;

-	the refrain of organizing public gatherings and protests whose aims are to make  accusations
of any ethnic group;

-	all information to be made public in a concrete, unbiased and objective manner;

-	the clear support for peace for the benefit of all Macedonian citizens.

Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia

Children Theatre Center, Skopje

Performing Arts Center "MULTIMEDIA", Skopje

"Child Abuse" NGO, Skopje

Association for Roma Rights, Stip

Center for Contemporary Arts, Skopje

"Step by Step" NGO, Skopje

Civil Society Resource Center, Skopje

Center for Continuing Education - Association of Judges of the Republic of Macedonia

"HOPS" NGO, Skopje

NGO Support Center, Veles

NGO Support Center, Prilep

Euro Balkan Institute, Skopje

Student Resource Centers in Bitola and Skopje

"Economic Education for Youth" NGO, Skopje

Youth Education Forum, Skopje

Expert - Consortium. com, Skopje

Roma Community Center "Drom", Kumanovo

Forum for Integration of Macedonian Roma, Skopje

"Romani Bah" NGO, Veles

Association for Roma Language and Literature and Roma Cultural Center "Darhia", Skopje

Roma Center of the City of Skopje, Skopje

Roma Association "Cerenja", Stip

Roma Humanitarian and Philanthropic Association "Mesecina", Kumanovo

Association of Roma Women in Macedonia "Daja", Kumanovo

Association for Roma Human Rights "Avutnipe", Skopje

Roma Rights Forum "Arka", Kumanovo

Ensemble for Folk Instruments and Songs "Stefce Stojkovski", Skopje

Family Federation for World Peace and Integration, Skopje

Humanitarian Organization "Romi", Vinica

Humanitarian Organization "Romano Ilo", Kocani

Humanitarian Organization "Asvin", Skopje

Roma Center for Cultural and Spiritual Enlightenment and Progress, Skopje

Educational, Cultural, Social and Legal Center "Renesansa", Skopje

Roma Information Agency RIA, Skopje

Roma international Center in Macedonia, Skopje

Roma Television BTR

Association for Preventive Work with Children, Youth and Their Families "Grupa Feliks", Bitola

Foundation for Development of SME - Regional Center, Veles 

Foundation for Development of SME - Regional Center, Strumica

Roma Association "Nevo Drum", Prilep

Macedonian Artists Association, Skopje

Youth Cultural Association, Bitola

Association of Vlahs Writers and Artists in Macedonia, Skopje

Association for Promotion of Treatment, Rehabilitation and Resocialization of drug adictis "Doverba", Skopje

Association for Science, Culture and Art "Brathers Miladinovci", Struga

Youth Ecological Center "Rekanski Biser", Rostuse

Due to March 17, 2001	3:30PM


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