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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Carl Loeffler (was: net art history)

> telecommunication art I kept encountering his name. He edited an issue of
> Leonardo Magazine on telecommunication art and started the art.com
> newsgroup - that is as much as I know of him. 

As far as I know, think he once wrote it in a email, this started first on
the bulletin board the well and later expanded to usenet. And he was very
proud of those days etc. And he had reasons for this. alt.artcom was a very 
long time the only (visible) meeting point for artists in this "cyberspace". 
Even if you didnt like all art that was discussed there. digital arts were 
marginal. But there you could meet more knowledgable people and it was there, 
were, for exemple, the things aliens list was announced, in 1994 I think. 
The times of uucp and the pimp....



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