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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Italy's Power Trinity: Media, Politics and Mafia

The book of Marco Travaglio, the Italian journalist of newspaper La Repubblica is sold out, not only now, but nearly all the time. (is it Berlusconi that buys all the books? i wonder!)
It is absolutely not the first book on the case. Already around 1994 two books on the issue appeared: 'Gli affari del presidente' (the president's affairs) and 'Signor TV' both on Berlusconi and the question: where did he get his mountains of money from? (before the man got so incredibly rich he was a pianoplayer in bars...). 
The books i mentioned here were written by Giovanni Ruggeri, an old journalist from Milan. It seems that the Travaglio book on Berlusca has the same input as the ones from Ruggeri. It is not really a 'story', the book is made out of lots of documents used in the trials against Berlusconi. (mafia, corruption, etc). It is strange that nobody ever mentions the older books, that also consist of those documents, nothing new under the sun. 
I didn't read the Travaglio book, because it is sold out all the time... but i know the older books on the case. Berlusconi is there described as a P-2 project, and P-2 were the powerful freemasons. Berlusconi can also be seen as the follow-up for Craxi, in the light of the freemason projects. 
Now in Italy everyone thinks that Berlusconi will win the elections in May. But why do people vote for a madman? That's the most important question!
Cecile Landman

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