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[Nettime-bold] Picture That: Australia in the Forefront

Picture That: Australia in the Forefront
by Debbie Campbell

"... Australia has recently released a new Web service for the discovery of its 
cultural heritage in pictures. The service, called PictureAustralia,
was built using a combination of standard metadata, Z39.50 and XML. However, 
the most significant building block has been collaboration.

An Australian collaboration of libraries, museums, archives, and galleries is 
revealing the wealth of the nation's unique pictorial collections. Using simple 
Web technologies, the State Library of New South Wales, State Library of 
Tasmania, State Library of Victoria, Australian War Memorial, National Library 
of Australia, National Archives of Australia, and Fryer Library of the 
University of Queensland have provided a single entry point to their digitised 
images of art, photographs, and artifacts...."

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