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>How can i trust you?

far from being a solitary preoccupation, introspection as distinct from mere experiencing
is an intensely social enterprise, as much as eating, defecating, being born, and dying.
Reports that we have and read from others tell us what to accept or reject as valid or invalid.
The task is incomplete until we have compared our notes with those of others in conferences.

The capacity for introspection requires the prior existence of awareness of the self as distinct 
from the world and others like the self. The emergence of this capacity in the evolution of 
humankind is lost in the remote past, but it recurs in each individual at some time in childhood. 
then as now the realization of the  self will inevitably die. children respond to this insight 
with denial and levity. 
They sing:

"did you ever think"

did you?

babbling emerges in humans at just about the age that the larynx descends into the throat.

        veni. vidi. vici.
        veni. vidi. vici.
        veni. vidi. vici.

clone by clone by clone 

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein argued that even if lions could speak 
we wouldn't understand them. The psychologist David Premack mused that even 
if chickens had syntax, they'd have nothing interesting to say. 

But what if both these arguments are wrong, leaving the possibility that, 
like the fictitious veterinarian Dr. Doolittle, we can talk to animals and learn 
interesting things about their lives? 

Next to kissing, language is the most exciting form of communication mankind has evolved.

Biological brains are not logically necessary for minds.

adults who were faced with death - in battle, childbirth, illness, 
and old age are less able to laugh at the fatal outcome of life, 
but they can still deny it. Then as now the concept must have 
emerged as the spiritual "I" that could survive the dissolution of its body.

"ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy,
ashes, ashes, all fall down"

learning how to mean.

loneliness comes with the unity of brain function,
hope with brain growth to wholeness in maturity,
love with the most intense form of reaching to connect, 
and hate ... with the desire to destroy
that which threatens unity from outside.

ur vulgar!t! haz nvr d!szuadd m!
!t = 1 !nd!kaz!on ov kontempt 
4 dze fatal!t! ov l!fe + dze v!z!bl s!gnz ov dze !nv!z!bl
+ m!zter!ouz enkountrz !n d!v!zbl dreamz

theatr!kl geztur + tranzf!n!t zttz.

0.5 ua! betu!n real!t + dream
real!z+t!k z!ner! + l!ght!ng 2 kult!vat dze !luz!on

vzhodna evropa kot nedelj!v! preoztanek al! kos dreka
matemat!kna zpodletelozt. _ d!nam!kna zpodletelozt.
b!t. revoluc!=ja. zodobnem kompleksu. -___....
m9ndfukc.macht.fre! . okz!dent--

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