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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Carl Loeffler (was: net art history)

Hi Tilman,

.. for example Manfred Eisenbeis, Roy Ascott, Roger Malina knew him well.

At 1:11 Uhr +0100 16.03.2001, Tilman Baumgaertel wrote:
>At 20:23 19.02.01 -0500, wrote:
>>There's been interest in the "archaic days" lately, the period pre-1994
>>stretching back to the dawn of humankind. Carl Leoffler's death the other
>>day reminded me that his ArtCon newsgroup was one of my first contacts
>>with other artists on the net. I think both Heath Bunting and Brad Brace
>>were there.
>Sorry for joining this thread so late, but I was on vacation.
>Murphy, you mention Carl Loeffler, and that he died recently, a fact of
>which I wasn't aware. In my research on early, pre-internet
>telecommunication art I kept encountering his name. He edited an issue of
>Leonardo Magazine on telecommunication art and started the
>newsgroup - that is as much as I know of him.
>I tried at various times to contact him, but couldn't find his mail adress
>or a homepage, which was odd since he seemed to be one of the few art
>critics who championed this kind of art in the 80ies and early 90ies. I
>would have loved to interview him (to be honored as an ASCII paparazzi by
>kind souls), because he seemed to be an important person in the development
>of the development of net art before the net.
>Maybe you or somebody else who knew him wants to relate some memories on
>Carl Loeffler or even write kind of an orbituary? I think that would be
>fitting on this list and in the context of this discussion.
>I think,
>and then I sink
>into the paper
>like I was ink.
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