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[Nettime-bold] TRANSDANCE research lab on DANCE & TECHNOLOGY

3rd International Festival of Film and New Media on Art
 23 May -2 June/ Athens, Greece
r e s e a r c h  l a b 
body, movement, technology
May 23-31, 2001
IME, Athens, 254 Pireos str.
e x p l o r a t i o n   a r e a s
a)  neologisms of corporeality in digital perfoming arts
b)  interactivity in tele perfomance as choreography phenomenon
p a r t i c i p a n t s
Matt Adams, artistic director "Blast Theory" 
Maria Anthimidou, artistic director/choreographer "Dancers Group"
Sophia Licouris, choreographer 
John McCormick, choreographer "Company In Space"
Dimitris Papaioannou, artistic director/choreographer "Ground Group"
Alexandros Psichoulis, video artist
Konstantinos Rigos, choreographer "Oktana Group" 
Yacov Sharir, choreographer
Konstantinos Vita, music designer
Christian Ziegler, architect, multimedia designer
p r o c e s s  a d v i s o r 
Scott De Lahunta
in collaboration with 
British Council, IME, Dance Festival of Kalamata,
Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Development,
Tanz Perfomance Kologne