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[Nettime-bold] an office furniture hyper-vaudeville & information machinerytrans-extravaganza


ISTVAN KANTOR -- "The Addmore Session"
March 24, 2001, 10 am - 5 pm
Addmore Office Furniture, 82 Spadina Ave.

"an office furniture hyper-vaudeville
&  information machinery trans-extravaganza"

TORONTO, Canada ... On March 24, FADO will present "The Addmore
Session", a
new work by internationally acclaimed Toronto artist Istvan Kantor.
Presented as part of FADO's PUBLIC SPACES/PRIVATE PLACES series, "The
Addmore Session" is the latest installment in The File Cabinet Project,
body of work that Kantor has been developing since 1993.

Audience members are invited to meet Kantor in his favorite environment,

surrounded by file cabinets in one of Toronto's largest office furniture

stores. Kantor and a number of guest performers will demonstrate the
between the office and the concert hall, information technology and
symbolism, communication and insanity. The all day program will include
furniture-opera, desktop-dancing, cabinet-catwalking, office-crucifixion

and more.

Kantor explores the file cabinet as a sculptural element in machinery
installations, performances and video productions. His interest is more
than a physical fascination or aesthetic obsession with monolithic
furniture. In Kantor's hyper-theoretical interpretation, the world wide
is a machinery-monument of information storage furniture interconnected
through computers. The gesture of moving cabinet drawers in and out,
sliding them back and forth, becomes the engine of information exchange.

Istvan Kantor (a.k.a. Monty Cantsin) is active in the fields of
sound, video, performance and new media. His work has been shown at many

prestigious international art events, including Documenta '87 and Ars
Electronica 2000. He has received the Telefilm Canada Award for Best
Canadian Video (1998 Images festival, Toronto), as well as the
01 award in Berlin, Germany for his new video Broadcast. Infamous for
"blood-x donations" to the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (New
York), the National Gallery (Ottawa), AGO (Toronto), and the Ludwig
(Koln), just to mention a few, Kantor/Cantsin's criminal records are
longer than his list of awards.. The media and critics have described
work as rebellious, anti-authoritarian, and intellectually assaulting,
well as technically innovative and highly experimental. Internationally
known as the founder of Neoism, Kantor has lived in Budapest, Paris,
Montreal, Portland and New York. He has lived in Toronto since 1991.

PUBLIC SPACES/PRIVATE PLACES is a three-year long international
art series featuring over 25 artists from Canada, the US, Europe and
The series explores the elements that turn neutral 'space' into
'place' through performances that examine the degrees of intimacy,
connection and interaction that mark the dividing line between public
private. The series is particularly focused on performances created for
intimate audiences. Some projects feature site-specific or
environments that invite participants into a sensory or experiential
journey. Others are process-oriented, involving public intervention,
intimate gestures, or actions that may, by their nature, be nearly
invisible. Above all, the series explores the points where identity and
geography intersect to generate meaning.

Special thanks to Addmore Office Furniture.

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