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[Nettime-bold] Signum's new URL, new issue, new schedule

Title: Signum's new URL, new issue, new schedule

For immediate release:

Signum 'Zine Moves to New Domain,
Publishes Outstanding New Issue

"I like it better than typing in their old URL,"
claims anonymous Midwesterner.

Portland and New York, 16 March 2001 -- Signum, the website George W. Bush called "dosh-garn interesting but probably sedititious," moves to a brand new URL today and goes monthly.

Signum now appears at The new issue features an exclusive interview with acclaimed Montreal band Godspeed You Black Emperor!, and actor Wiley Wiggins' first-person account of working on the Richard Linklater-directed Sundance hit *Waking Life.* Original digital art by Mark Meadows, winner of the Ars Electronica Golden Nico, is also presented.

MJ Rose's regular alt.books column returns this month, and G.Beato delivers the history of Post-Its. The issue also features Farai Chideya, B.Jone's adventures in High Fidelity, and Mark Dery's eulogy to artist Just Merrit.

Signum was founded in 1995 by V.X.Potenza of SoundLightMedia ( Current editor Tiffany Lee Brown relaunched the webzine in 1999 and Potenza moved into the role of publisher. With editorial offices based in Portland, Oregon, publishing headquarters in New York, and contributors around the world, Signum hopes to become a formidable media empire specializing in post-convergent broadband content, delivered wirelessly using common household objects such as drinking straws and suction cups.

Signum Press previously published the webzine at a "somewhat quarterly pace," according to Miss Brown, "but now we'll have a more ambitious set of deadlines to miss." Signum will present new content on the 15th of each month.

The new URL at has its detractors. As a Williamsburg-based reader put it, "That's how it always starts. First they change their name to something obvious, then before you know it they're serving fusion tapas and chocolate martinis. Then BOOM, there goes the neighbourhood."

But some are open to the change. "I like it better than typing in their old address," claimed a Midwestern man who preferred to remain anonymous. "It was really long and had a dash in it. So sometimes I would forget."


Contact:        Tiffany Lee Brown

                Signum Editorial HQ
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                Portland, OR 97232 USA