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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: <the art museum is not your friend>

Brad, I am the Director of a gallery, and we have never actively worked
against art. My boss, the owner, cares more about the "bottom line" of
money, but as long as I keep the gallery going he doesn't care. He's not
trying to get rich;  just break even, which is all we ever do.

I do not know what museums you are talking about, or our friend Woolford,
but everyone I know in the arts genuienly loves the arts.

Before I was "part of the system" I looked at it like Woolford, but now that
I am "big brother" I've realized that a lot of people managing the arts are
doing so at a loss. Anyone willing to invest their own money in a losing
venture is not a bad guy. While I am sure there are bad guys out there, I
have yet to  meet one, and find it hard to imagine one existing in such a
non-profitable industry.

The motive is my issue with this whole scenario. There really is not any
money in galleries/etc, perhaps in museums, but even then it is capricious
and a real risk. If I wanted to exploit someone and become rich I wouldn't
do it in the arts, I'd go work for Microsoft.

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