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[Nettime-bold] Carl Loeffler (was: net art history)

At 20:23 19.02.01 -0500, murphy@thing.net wrote:
>There's been interest in the "archaic days" lately, the period pre-1994
>stretching back to the dawn of humankind. Carl Leoffler's death the other
>day reminded me that his ArtCon newsgroup was one of my first contacts
>with other artists on the net. I think both Heath Bunting and Brad Brace
>were there.


Sorry for joining this thread so late, but I was on vacation. 

Murphy, you mention Carl Loeffler, and that he died recently, a fact of
which I wasn't aware. In my research on early, pre-internet
telecommunication art I kept encountering his name. He edited an issue of
Leonardo Magazine on telecommunication art and started the art.com
newsgroup - that is as much as I know of him. 

I tried at various times to contact him, but couldn't find his mail adress
or a homepage, which was odd since he seemed to be one of the few art
critics who championed this kind of art in the 80ies and early 90ies. I
would have loved to interview him (to be honored as an ASCII paparazzi by
kind souls), because he seemed to be an important person in the development
of the development of net art before the net.  

Maybe you or somebody else who knew him wants to relate some memories on
Carl Loeffler or even write kind of an orbituary? I think that would be
fitting on this list and in the context of this discussion. 


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