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[Nettime-bold] Toronto talk Friday night

Sorry for the short notice and the cross posting:

Steven Mann, Toronto
March 16th
"People find me peculiar. They think it's odd that I spend most of my waking hours wearing eight or nine Internet-connected computers sewn into my clothing and that I wear opaque wrap-around glasses day and night, inside and outdoors. They wonder why I sometimes seem detached and lost, but at other times I exhibit a vast knowledge of their specialty. A physicist once said that he felt that I had the intelligence of a dozen experts in his discipline: a few minutes later, someone else said they thought I was mentally handicapped." - Steven Mann

University of Toronto Professor Steven Mann received his doctorate at MIT's Media Lab and is described as the world's only full-time cyborg. He has produced numerous exhibitions that incorporate photographs and video work created using wearable imaging systems. Mann's work of the Dr. Harold Edgerton lab was recently featured at the Olga Korper Gallery in Toronto.

Lecture theatre L-72 7:30pm on Friday nights

Ryerson Polytechnic University
350 Victoria Street (at Gould)
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5B 2K3
(416) 979-5167

Admission is always free -
arrive early for guaranteed seating

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