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[Nettime-bold] Email Address Extract Expert from Internet

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        Recommend Software:
                           Email Spider Easy 
                           -----Targeted Email Address Extract Software.

        Key Features: 
        1 It is very simple and easy to use. 

        2 Search and Spider from a starting url such as web url, search engine,
          message board to extract bulk email addresses. Nearly can spider 
          any  web url, including search engine, newsgroup, message board. 

        3 Integrate with 18 top search engines and directories such as Yahoo,
          Google, Altavista, AOL, MSN, Lycos, Alltheweb, Hotbot, Mamma, 
          Northernlight, Directhit, Go,Iwon. 

        4 Search and Extract speed is very fast. 
          Allow up to 500 threads to search and extract emails  simultaneously.

        5 Simple config some parameters to specify which email address is
           you want and which not.  And which urls not need to search
        6 Both Web and Url are extracted.

        For more info,please access url:

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