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[Nettime-bold] Thus spake Haider

Fwd from Ruth Wodak

Thus spake Haider: (or Haiders Wisdom)

21st February 2001: FP Meeting in Wien-Oberlaa:

 Mr. Hapl has an election strategist: hes called Greenberg ..(loud 
laughter in the hall) He had him flown in from the East Coast. My friends, 
you have a choice : you can vote for Spin Doctor Greenberg from the East 
Coast, or for the Heart of Vienna (loud applause) We dont need any 
proclamations from the East Coast. Now weve had enough. (prolonged applause)
                                                         (transcript of 

28th February 2001: Ash Wednesday Meeting in Ried in the Inn-District:

Mr. Ariel Muzicant: What I dont understand is how someone called Ariel 
can have so much dirty linen (laughter and applause) I just dont 
understand it, but I think (3 unintelligible words, pause)...hell probably 
have something to say about it tomorrow, wont he? (laughter)...but Im not 
particularly scared of this kind of thing...(more laughter)

                                                         (transcript of 

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