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[Nettime-bold] (melb)anarchist/autonomist conference update 1#

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From: chummy_fleming@yahoo.com.au 
Subject: [april_anarchy] Update #1 


Here's the story so far...


The 'No Gods, No Masters' anarchist and autonomist conference will be 
taking place on the last weekend of April (28-29) at the Old Arts 
building at the University of Melbourne, between the hours of 10am 
and 5pm on the Saturday and between the hours of 11am and 5pm on the 
Sunday. Entry is $5 per day or $10 for the weekend. (Lunch will 
almost certainly be provided free, although we may have to charge a 
token amount for morning and afternoon tea...)

The conference itself will feature a morning plenary on the Saturday 
and approximately 20 workshops, which will take place three-at-a-time 
throughout the conference, as well as films and videos, exhibitions 
of anarchist art and book and information stalls.

In addition, the following events are scheduled to take place on or 
about the weekend:

At the Old Arts building on Sunday evening, between 6pm and 9pm:

'Lenin on Trial'; a reckoning with the remnants of the authoritarian 

At the New International Bookshop (Carlton) in the week prior to the 
conference: an exhibition on the history of May Day.

At the Mechanics' Institute (Brunswick) also during the week prior to 
the conference: an exhibition on the history of Australian anarchism.

Other events, including a benefit gig, another exhibition, and a 
party, are still in the planning stages.


Please note that

i) all events are subject to change.

ii) spaces and times for workshops are filling up fast, so if you'd 
like to present a paper / conduct a workshop / practise your stand-up 
comedy routine, get in touch with us *ASAP* please.

iii) we really need people to let us know that they're coming and, 
hopefully, how they can assist us in organising the conference, ie., 
volunteering to assist with childcare / food preparation / washing 
dishes / etc..


If you have ny comments, queries, suggestions or large piles of 
expropriated labour (ie., money), please don't hesitate to get in 

By email:


(please note that this address is intended to replace the 
phoenix@anarchy.org.au address)

By phone:

(03) 9 387 6646

By snail-mail:

c/o PO Box 199, East Brunswick, VIC, 3057.


[The Ghost of Chummy Fleming]

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