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Offline Days
at Room Boxhagener Str. 86
Start Wednesday., 14. March 2001, 19:30 h

The discrepancy between the debate around Access, which becomes
access to the Internet and the holes in the glass fiber network
become obviously if in the east of the city the "west" does not
arrive with its Flatrates, DSLs, and promises of connectivity.
"You are in a OPAL-Area" said the operator, what means that the
Digital Gap is a home-made phenomenon and the connection comes in
2 months.
The "Offline Days" will try to concretize the meta discourse in a
relaxed way.
*We invite everyone to take part!*
Contributions,comments, materials are welcome.
Glossary words:
Alternative models of electronic data networks,
ISDN Yes/No Thanks!, Transformation of the Information Society,
Why online?, The Making Of Internet, Deutschland is written with T,...


Mittwoch 14.3. 19:30
Start: Die Biene Maja 82. Das Alexandrophon
Intro by Matze Schmidt - Legends of Telematic

Donnerstag 15.3. 20:00
Sebastian Luetgert ( -
short introduction into a true history of copyright

Sonntag 18.3. 20:00 Knut Winkler: alternative access
Montag 19.3. 20:00 Matze Schmidt: xs-Exzess, Xtase
Dienstag 20.3. 20:00 'off-line-spa-am-night'
Mittwoch 21.3. 20:00 round table

dates not clear/
watch out for more:

Jan Gerber: wireless-lans
Installation of the Linux-lan
Blank + Jeron (



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