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prologue: [by paolo mazzarello - takk takk]

More than 7,000 participants attended the twelfth International Medical Congress 
of Moscow in August 1897. Among the prominent scientists there was Italian anthropologist 
Cesare Lombroso, who presided over a session dedicated to mental illness.

Lombroso was world famous for his theory that genius was closely linked with madness. 
According to him, genius and madness were two faces of the same psychobiological reality 
 as in a non-Euclidean space in which the two extremes touch. A man of genius was a 
degenerate, an example of retrograde evolution, in whom madness was a form
of biological compensation for excessive intellectual development.

This regression, the theory stated, produced its own phenotypic stigmata, such as the 
cranial asymmetry of Pericles, Kant and Dante; the sub-microcephaly of Descartes; 
the small stature of Horace, Plato and Epicurus. 

Lombroso's participation in the Moscow Congress inspired him to test his theory about the
pathology of genius. Why not meet Leo Tolstoy, the supreme genius of world literature, in
his natural habitat, to scrutinize his features and confirm his theories by seeing Tolstoy's
degenerative aspects with his own eyes? Like a naturalist embarking on a tour of South
America to test his evolutionary theories, Lombroso decided to take himself to Tolstoy's
home, known as Yasnaya Polyana. For Lombroso the writer represented the "true disguised
genius of alienation . . . in whom, one might say, the sicker the body, the more sublime the
[intellectual] products". He imagined Tolstoy would be "cretinous and degenerate-looking".
[Tolstoy found Lombroso to be an ingenuous + limited old life form]

On arriving at Tolstoy's house, Lombroso found himself face to face with a soldierly-looking
old man, whose penetrating eyes and severe bony face seemed more like those of a good,
solid peasant who had served in the army than those of a thinker. Physically there was
nothing degenerate about him. His attitude was calm, correct and friendly; there was certainly
method in his 'madness'. 

But when the conversation took a turn that opposed Tolstoy's ideas, Lombroso realized the 
"total impossibility of engaging him in debate without irritating him". 

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