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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> Why The Offshore Napster Server Initiative May Not Work


Thanks for your message about a Napster on Sealand, and the potential
trouble one could get into.

One of the things Havenco guarantees is privacy; they will not give out the
name  of their customer, no matter what. Here is what Havenco told me after
I inquired about their privacy policy: "Our customer privacy policy is that
in no case to we reveal information about a customer without the customer's
consent, and no matter what a customer does, the most we will do is pull
their server and (depending on what you pre-select) mail it to you or
destroy it."

Matt Goyer could save himselfe the trouble of litigation if he would go to
Havenco and setup a Napster server, anonymously...

It takes a bit of work to do this well; he will have to setup an email
account that cannot be traced to him, to communicate with Havenco. He has to
be able to send them the 15.000$ fee anonymously, so it cannot be traced
back to him. And he will not be able to refer to his persona in any way on
the napster clone website on Havenco. But if he is willing to do all this,
he could get away with it.

The question is, will Havenco get away with it ?

	Felipe Rodriquez

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