Eric Kluitenberg on 13 Mar 2001 10:16:25 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: hacktivism / FWD: Call for submissions on hacktivism... !?

hey all,

Is this a joke or what??

Rite after armin's denounciation of the sociological reconfiguration of
hacktivism, the next mail I open is....

...a cal for submissions on Hacktivism!!!!     :-0

("..artist fees will be paid..." )

Truth is stranger than fiction, indeed...

best wishes,


Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 00:33:33 -0500
Subject: call for submissions: İİİİİİpixelİİİİİİplunderİİİİİİ

YEAR ZERO ONE is seeking submissions for Pixel Plunderİ, an on-line
exhibition that explores the idea of artistic authenticity, appropriation
and "aesthetic hacktivism" as it relates to the internet or any other
easily reproducible (plundered) media.
We're looking for WWW bandits, who are frantically copying and pasting,
redubbing and reformatting, lifting content or look and feel. We're seeking
websites that play with the ideas of highbrow vs. lo-brow, real or virtual,
lost and found.
The exhibition will be launched September 01 and artist fees will be paid.
Deadline July 1, 01 email URL submissions/proposal to:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YEAR ZERO ONE is an on-line artist run
centre which operates as a network for the dissemination of digital culture
and new media through web based exhibitions, an extensive media arts
directory, and the YEAR01 Forum - an electronic art journal.

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